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Economic Engineering

(TCM – Total Cost Management)

Economic Engineering is a systematic approach to project cost management throughout the life cycle of any investment or business activity.

In the initial phases of the process, the economic metaphorization is addressed, in which the so-called “target costs” of the intervention are evaluated based on the meta-planning of environmental units, technological units and technical elements. Then follows the real economic design, which evaluates, according to optimization principles, the costs of construction and management of the intervention based on the functional-spatial, technological, operational and management planning, after an evaluation design alternatives in terms of quality/cost ratio (Value Analysis or Value Engineering). On the basis of economic planning, the economic planning is developed, which articulates, according to criteria of optimization, the timeline of economic-financial flows.

As an example, below we list some of the specific activities that fall within the area of Economic Engineering.

  • Structured analysis of the project
    • PBS, ABS, e WBS
    • Optimized classification systems(UNI 8290, Master Format, UniFormat II, OmniClass, PC/SfB e CI/SfB)
  • Economic feasibility studies
    • Mono and pluriparametric synthetic estimates, NIQ Quantitative Index Numbers, NIA Associated Index Numbers, Synthetic Estimates
  • Analytical estimates and geometric analysis of the project
    • Estimates for technical elements
    • Analytical metric estimates
    • Estimates for resources
  • Value Analysis (Value Engineering)
    • Analysis of the value of the initiative
    • Analysis of the value of the design
    • Analysis of the value of the construction site
    • Business value analysis
  • Contractual documents
    • Price analysis
    • Price – List
    • Special Tender Specifications (CSA)
  • Accounting
    • Works accounting
    • Industrial accounting
    • Analysis of the profitability of the construction site
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