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Nov. 2017 | “BIM for Cost Manager” by RICS’s BIM Advisory Group

Giampiero Brioni has curated, together with Stefano Bellini, Carlo Matildi, Massimiliano Pulce and Umberto Alesi, MRICS and coordinators of the BIM Advisory Group, the Italian publication of the RICS Professional Guide “The BIM for cost managers: requirements of the BIM model”.

This guideline is intended for quantity surveyors (QS) or cost managers for projects where a BIM model is implemented to be used throughout the project life cycle.

In addition to providing information on BIM, this paper contains recommendations for good practice in the field of measurement. Projects using BIM provide for the creation and sharing of coordinated data throughout the life of a building, based on an agreed process and program. These activities include the creation of digital models, but not limited to digital information alone. The purpose of this guideline is to help the QS / cost manager understand the impact of BIM on its work practices and on the provision of services.

The BIM for the Cost Manager

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